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Rick Abasial

Rick Abasial and his wife Terri own Just Tumblin’ as well as the Florida Top Dog All-Star program. Rick has over 21 years of coaching and cheering experience. He has traveled all across the country as Program Director for the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders directing camps for over 10 years. Rick’s strengths as an owner and coach center around instructing tumbling, stunting, dance, cheerleading, and choreographing routines. He is also the owner of Rix Mix and mixes music for cheerleaders and gymnast all across the state. Rick is certified and credentialed through USASF. Rick’s coaching motto is “Perfection requires intense determination from everyone.”

Terri Abasial

Terri Abasial was also a Program Director for the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders for over 10 years. She has traveled all across the country as well as to Russia to instruct in cheerleading and dance. Her expertise in choreography has won many of her teams national and state titles. Terri is a certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor through the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Terri’s 21 years of cheering experience include cheering on the collegiate levels and winning many individual cheerleading titles in both junior high and high school. Terri is certified and credentialed through USASF. She believes that “The character traits we learn from cheerleading go much deeper than winning competitions.”

Jill Martin

Jill Martin’s history as a competitor as well as a coach is well-defined through her coaching style. Jill was the California State Gymnastic Champion and a nationally ranked cheerleader in high school. She has traveled throughout the country as well as to Russia and China as an FCC instructor teaching summer cheer camps. Jill has choreographed teams and individuals that have gone on to win national titles and is currently credentialed through USASF. With over 10 years of coaching experience on the junior high, high school, and all-star levels, Jill challenges her teams to always strive for excellence. Her motto is “Sometimes talent isn’t enough, you’ve got to have heart.”

Wes Martin

Wes Martin along with his wife Jill have been a part of the Top Dog program since it began in the spring of 2000. With over 10 years of coaching experience, Wes’s strengths in teaching stunting and tumbling make him a valuable asset to the staff. Wes has also taught summer cheerleading camps for the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders and is currently certified through USASF. His fun-loving coaching style makes him a favorite among the kids. Wes can often be heard saying, “Work hard and have fun doing it, and remember…There’s no crying in cheerleading.”

Christa Dalena

Christa Dalena has been a loyal coach to the Top Dog program for the past 6 years and brings with her a wealth of coaching and cheering knowledge. With over 15 years of coaching expertise, Christa excels in expecting excellence from her teams while having fun. Her passion for coaching is evident both on and off the mat. Many of the routines she has choreographed as well as the teams she has coached have won state and national titles. Christa’s coaching motto is to “Leave your heart on the floor.”

Karen Bittinger

Karen Bittinger brings to Top Dog over 16 years of cheering experience. Karen has cheered for high school, all-star, and has been a professional cheerleader for the past 6 years. She has cheered for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, cheered , coached and choreographed for the Tampa Bay Lightning Ice Girls and is currently a veteran and co-captain for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Karen’s wealth of knowledge is an asset to our coaching staff. Her positive coaching style and creativity in routines has earned her 2006-2007 youth team the Nfinity Cup Award for the state of Florida. Karen has coached high school, all-star and professional levels for the past 6 years. She believes that in order for her teams to be successful, they must “Practice how they should perform.”


Kevin Bittinger


Lindsay Gould


Linda Roscoe

Linda Roscoe joins our Top Dog Family with over 30 years of coaching experience in all levels of cheerleading.  From the recreation level to youth, high school, and all-star cheerleading, Linda's expertise and knowledge of the competitive sport as well as her love for the kids make her an amazing asset to the Top Dog Program.  Linda has owned "Suncoast Allstars" for 11 years and her teams have won numerous Regional, State, and National Championships.  She has been honored with the prestigious "American Championships Coach of the Year Award," as well as being recognized in American Cheerleader Magazine as a "Who's Who among All-Star Coaches."  Linda's coaching philosophy is "Respect for your teammates and coaches, dedication and positiveness is the formula for a successful team."


Ashley Roscoe

Carlene Zvosechz

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